Lukasz Olejnik

Let's make the Web a safer place.

I am actively engaged in security and privacy research, engineering and development -- and making the Web a safer place. I hold a Computer Science PhD from INRIA (Privatics, privacy). I'm a W3C Invited Expert, in 2018 I was elected to the W3C's Technical Architecture Group for a two year term. I served as a scientific advisor on cyberwarfare at the International Committee of the Red Cross, then I helped at the European Data Protection Supervisor. I provided a number of public contributions (projects, papers, notes) to the security and privacy technology and debate. I also act as an advisor in security and privacy matters in terms of technology, strategy, and policy. I hold a LL.M (Information technology Law) from University of Edinburgh.

I contributed as a public speaker and by providing comments, relating to security and privacy, including policy aspects.

Longer biography is here.

I also do security and privacy consulting. Perhaps we can work together?


Security and privacy engineering. Information security & privacy.
Security and privacy standards. Privacy reviews.
Privacy by Design. Privacy Impact Assessment.
Web security & privacy. Web browsers.
Information leaks. Tracking. Profiling. Cryptography.
Technology policy and regulations. Security and privacy. Data protection.
GDPR, ePrivacy.