Lukasz Olejnik

Security & privacy technology research and engineering

I act as a security and privacy consultant. If you would like to use my expertise, send me an e-mail: lukasz.w3c (at) gmail (dot) com.

Security and privacy

  • Security and privacy architecture, design, and system analysis.
  • Threat modelling.
  • Code review, application security, penetration testing.
  • Privacy Impact Assessment.
  • Data protection. GDPR, ePrivacy.
  • Security and privacy engineering and strategy.
  • Privacy by Design.
  • Internet of Things and Web of Things.
  • Technology policy, regulations, standardisation.
  • Research, analysis.
  • Risk analysis.
  • Privacy by Design transformation.
  • Advice, insight, intelligence...
Partial public track record summarised here.

Description and range of services also available in French and Polish.