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Lukasz Olejnik


Lukasz Olejnik comes from an information security background. He is a security and privacy researcher and advisor. His engagements include security engineering, research and advisory work at places such as CERN, INRIA, University College London, International Committee for the Red Cross, European Data Protection Supervisor, and others. He also acts as independent researcher and consultant.

Lukasz holds a Computer Science PhD from INRIA, where his works focused on privacy problems. His research interests include information and computer security and privacy, especially as applied to online interactions with a special emphasis on the Web, user data disclosure and dissemination problems and privacy-sensitive matters related to Web browser functionalities, as well as Web security, privacy reviews and privacy impact assessments. In his research, he analysed user tracking and profiling on the Web. Examples include studies of Web history leaks, as well as privacy and transparency analysis of Real-Time Bidding. His work influenced on how web standards and web browsers work. He also worked on privacy engineering. Lukasz holds a LL.M from University of Edinburgh (Information Technology Law), which complements his ability to view technology aspects holistically.

Lukasz published his works in multiple venues, such as NDSS, ESORICS, WEIS and Phys Rev. He has publications spanning fields such as quantum cryptography, security and privacy. He is authored a number of influential projects related to privacy. His works contributed to how Web browsers work. Lukasz is a World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C) Invited Expert, where he works on privacy of web standards. In 2018 he was elected to the W3C's Technical Architecture Group for a two years term,.

Lukasz is a former scientific advisor on cyber warfare at the International Committee for the Red Cross.

He is also involved in technology policy, focusing on cybersecurity and privacy. He worked as as technology policy advisor during the work on ePrivacy at the European Parliament. His work and comments appear in the international press.